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Need pricing on used & new cubicles & systems from multiple vendors? If you’d like some quick price quotes, or to find a nearby dealer, we suggest this free tool. It makes it easy to search for matching office cubicle sources in your area and to compare quotes from several sources all at once. You’ll be able to find the fairest price and the best match for you!

Want to discover the main sellers of used and new office cubicles on the Internet? Browse our New/Used Office Cubicle Sources Directory. We’ve searched the Internet and found the main sellers of new & used cubicles. We then analyzed their offerings to determine their specialties to further save you time and frustration.

Office Cubicle Buying Tips

Here are some of our favorite buying tips. These are intended for those just starting down the buying path, to help you as you’re researching office cubicles.

  • Pricing varies widely because there are a range of variables:
    • New versus used office cubicles
    • Economy to high-end executive-style designs (i.e. durability, fabrics, colors, etc.)
    • What’s actually included: Walls, storage units (shelves, cabinets, files), desks, and even chairs – though you may or may not want them from the same supplier
    • Delivery fees are not always included in the listed prices, but are obviously necessary.
    • Installation fees are also not always included in the listed prices. Generally you’ll want installation services unless you are already an experienced office cubicle installer (and it is typically mandatory for warranty service).
  • Design is important. Any dealer worth pursuing should be willing to work with you, as a partner, to create a design that reflects your organization’s unique needs.
  • If you have no idea where to start, start with a very basic quote request that includes just the basics. This will give you a “jumping off point” to start refining what you really want – not to mention help you start to firm up a more realistic budget. Use this free tool to make it even user to compare quotes from several sources. Gather this information to get started:
    • Number of workstations (for individuals people)
    • Number of other workstations (for groups of people or special purposes)
    • Measure and calculate the overall square footage of your office space the above is going into
    • A very rough idea of some of the key features you want – e.g. high walls, low walls, windows, cabinets, lighting, reception areas, etc. You’ll have an opportunity to explore and discuss these features more with your selected dealers – and, of course, to adjust your preferences later when a firm design comes together, but for now it’s necessary to get the conversation going.
  • Many office cubicle dealers outsource (sub-contract) their installation to other firms or individuals. There is nothing wrong with this, but it can impact things if the dealer you are considering doesn’t have a strong relationship with someone already in your local area. Don’t hesitate to ask each dealer you are considering about their installation services, and how they handle this for your particular area.

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